Monday, 8 June 2015

My Water Explanation

How Does a Water Cycle Work?

This is how a water cycle works.
The sun is like the driver of the water cycle, it heats the  water. Some of this water evaporates into the air as vapour. Eventually, the water gets colder and turns into a cloud and then when it gets too cold the coldness forces the clouds to lose their moisture as rain, hail or snow. Then it turns into rain it drops and falls into lakes and seas and other places,
and that’s how a water cycle works.

Water has 3  states which are gas, liquid and solid.
Sometimes this water freezes and turns into a glacier.



  1. Hello Joseph
    Hi I really enjoyed reading your explanation about water. I have been doing a water explanation too. I liked how you explained how the water cycle works.
    Good work Joseph

    1. Hi Mika I am glad you found my post interesting. I’ve read your one too and it is interesting like mine but I think your picture is better than mine.
      From Joseph


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