Monday, 31 August 2015

Kid Flash


ZOOMMMM!!! Sam was speeding across the rugby field running from one side to another stepping one person then another then the whole team and then ....
“Ohhhhhhh!  Looks like he wasn’t fast enough!” Shouted the other team’s coach.
They were laughing at him.
Sam Allen was his name.We all know Barry Allen was the flash, but Barry never told his son about it. Sams dad had been away for two years.
Sam’s  team was angry at him so after the game they chased him all the way back home and grabbed him and threw him around. He was always complaining to his mum that he was getting bullied  and that he wasn’t fast enough. But his mum just told him to stay out of trouble.
Then one sunny day when Sam was in his science class he got struck by 2 bolts of lightning. He fell unconscious and they sent him straight to the hospital.  When he woke up he saw his hand moving so fast, it looked like the people in the room were moving so slow. Like time had slowed down. So he just ran back home to his mum but his mum wasn’t there. Then he saw what his dad saw…. The Reverse Flash, but he was small and was running as fast as Sam but who could he be and who was that person lying on the floor ? Then he noticed who was on the floor. It was his mother! She was badly injured and had scrapes on her body. Sam tried to grab the boy in a yellow suit. But he was to fast and then he ran straight through the door and was nowhere to be seen. The last words that boy said was “We’ll  meet again.”
THE END (for now)
(To be continued...)

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  1. Hi Joesph, I like you story about kid flash. I like how you added details and the way how you spaced out your work.Are you going to write more stories?


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