Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Anzac Letter

Gallipoli Peninsula

28 April 1915

Dear My Family

We have arrived here at Gallipoli and it has been a little bit scary here and I miss you so much I wish I was back at home on the farm feeding pigs and other animals.
Everywhere I look all I see around me is dead bodies, gunshots and blood spread all over the floor. When I first got here I was so scared I nearly tried to run away. But a couple weeks later I got used to seeing dead bodies and blood on the floor. Sometimes I think I’m deaf because when one of the men talk to me I don’t hear it.
I am enjoying the sweets and the cakes you sent from home it is so delicious and did mum bake it or did grandma make it because it taste like grandma’s favourite fruit cake.
Send my love to Alice. How is her family?I hope shes doing ok.Did she get the job?
I miss you all terribly I hope I get a reply.I’ll be coming in 3 more years I hope I’ll still be alive.

Love From Jack O’Conor

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